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The disturbing sequel to Flesh!  

21 track CD-r plus limited edition DVD-r   $8 ppd US  $5 CD-r only  (non U.S.A. ask first)

Mang - an experimental music and video collision. 


Audio samples:

Man In The Hard Hat (mp3)

Secret Art Show World (mp3)


Video Sample:

Some Summertime (mov)

Mang's first release is also available

Fake Flesh and other Misconstructions 

17 track CD-r ppd US  $5 CD-r  (non U.S.A. ask first)


Richard Nixon's Energy Crisis (mp3)

I Love a Disaster (mp3)

To contact Mang and order their releases:

Centsless Producktionen

5945 Monticello Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45224