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Centsless 15 Shawn Abnoxious - Brandishing The Future CD  Performing author, Shawn Abnoxious's first missle into the world of spoken word capture documents.  Neoteric poems from the bottom side of our next future.  Choose this weapon now!  Backing soundtracks by AB1.  Mind- sailing through the darkness.  Samples can be heard here - Talk At The Front Lines  Listening To Records...Again  $5 ppd US.
Centsless 17  AB1 - A Half A Face and Some Other Things  CD/Cassette More loner no wave adventures from the resident weirdo, AB1. Sample the opening track, War Fair, here.  This is a split label release with Cincinnati’s Whale Trap Records who are handling the cassette release (edition of 20).  You can order it there. The great ones will have the cassette version. CD is $5 ppd US
Centsless 14  AB1 - Mom By Dad On Crystal Sunshine, CDEP   Ten tracks of minimalist pop in about 13++ minutes.  Think no wave, kraftwerk, but less talented and way darker.  Like night.  $3.75 ppd US others email for price.  Will most likely be very limited. 
Centsless 13 THE LONG GONES - Tear You Apart 7"   Just into time for the decline of year 2010, The Long Gones produce a fine-tastic 3 song slab of MC5 meets The Saints punk rock and roll that will tear you apart.  With guest guitar action from Peter Greenberg (just google him if you don't recognize the name).  Contact us here at Centlsess Productions or The Long Gones themselves for availability, pricing, etc.  Only 300 pressed so act fast.
Centsless 12 MANG - The Disturbing Sequel To Flesh CDr and DVDr   Click here for more info - Here Mang.  (Sold Out/Out Of Print)
Centsless 11 MANG – Fake Flesh and Other Misconstructions CDr Experimental music at its most disturbing. Warning: Not for those who think songs need to musical!  $4 ppd US
Centsless 10 ARCHIE AND THE PUKES – Corrupt Children CDr Eleven songs of spastic guitar crazy dementia. Leaves your head spinning. (Sold Out/Out of Print)
Centsless 09 THE CANDY SNATCHERS - Dead 3 song 7" Three songs of punk rock mayhem that only those crazy Candy Snatchers can produce. Including a cover of the Dead Boys' "Dead And Alive" which blows the original. $4 ppd US
Centsless 08 THE SLOBS - "Down The Tubes" CD/LP Seventeen tracks of old style punk tunes. Youthful and energetic and includes a rippin' Screamer's cover. LP - $7 ppd US, CD - $6 ppd US
Centsless 07 BLASTS FROM THE BASEMENT - Volume 1 7”   Four tracks recorded in the Centsless underground lair.  One each from The Candy Snatchers (Virginia), The Krabs (Michigan), The Chinese Millionaires (Michigan), and The Syphilitics (Ohio). (have a few left)  $4 ppd US
Centsless 06 ARCHIE AND THE PUKES 5 song 7"  Young, pissed and obsessed with death. Punk rock with a capital P.  $4 ppd US  (Sold Out/Out of Print)
Centsless 05 THE SLOBS - Goin' Nowhere Fast 5 song 7" The follow up to their well received debut. Punk rock that leaves you swimming in sweat.  $4 ppd US
Centsless 04 THE ECONOTHUGS - Beer Run 5 song 7"   The Anthem and more.  $4 ppd US  (Sold Out/Out of Print)
Centsless 03 THE ECONOTHUGS 6 song 7" Columbus OH's Econothugs prove that fuzz can go fast.  Contains the hit tribute to the beloved Richard Petty.  (Sold Out/Out of Print)
Centsless 02 THE SLOBS - Who Really Cares? 8 song 7" Eight powerful songs that show that man is less intelligent than first imagined.  Cover color varies. $4 ppd US
Centsless 01 VENDABAIT -Crushing My World 7 song 7" Punk/Hardcore done in the basement way.  Female vocals backed by a band who never thought they'd be on a record. Color cover varies.  (Sold Out/Out of Print)
Centsless 18  Grow Horns - Proper Seasons  CD Local harsh noise artist, Grow Horns, picks up an acoustic guitar and creates seven songs full of pain and honesty not heard since the earliest works of Will Oldham, Daniel Johnston, or that one guy, Bill Callahan. Intimately recorded in a Cincinnati apartment hallway by sonic mastermind Jon Lorenz.   $5 ppd US
Centsless 19  Grow Horns - The Grass Cross  CD The highly anticipated follow up to last year's “Proper Seasons” album. It's an exercise in naive acoustic minimalism and simplistic crash bang punk bravado. One minute, it's a warm heartfelt mix of Syd Barrett and Cat Stevens, and the next, a staggering drunken version of The Fall. Dark and heady intellectual stimulation.  Sample Here! $6 ppd US
Centsless 16  The Socials - The Beast Bites  7” The Socials are the soundtrack to your break-apart culture. These are sonic-heroes for punk rock zeros.  Four songs of female fronted punk rock to guide you through the midwest edge of the DMZ and a future full of drone attacks. When you finally “get it”...the beast has you! Comes with download with 3 bonus tracks.   $5 ppd US